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Sample Debt Settlement Letter


Dear [Name of Debt Settlement Officer],

Re: – Bank Name – “Account Number”

I am writing with regards to a debt that I owe your company and am unable to pay you in full due to my financial situtation.
I have a strong interest in fulfilling my debt obligations to you by settling this
debt with you. However, my personal circumstances have made it beyond my means
to pay of the entire outstanding debt as it stands today.

I owe you a total amount of $XX,XXX as of today. Given my financial situation I
can offer to pay you $X,XXX.

As part of this settlement offer I am requesting the following important conditions:


1. My account is considered paid in full

2. No more monies will be associated with or collected by any company in
relation to this account

3. Any current litigation filed against me is dropped immediately

4. No future litigation will be filed against me by you or third parties
that you work with in relation to this account

5. Delete any negative listings relating to this account from
all major credit bureaus (including Experian, Trans Union and
Equifax) and show that the balance of this debt is now zero.

Upon a signed acceptance letter from you of these conditions, within 2 days of
receipt of your letter I, will send a payment to you in the amount of $X,XXX made
payable to you by registered overnight mail.

(Print Your Name) (Print Date)


(Sign your name)